5 Steps to Publish Your Book in 30 Days or Less

Did you know that 81% of Americans feel that they have a book in them?

That’s approximately 200 million people who aspire to authorship!

Are you one of those people?

Unfortunately, most people never get there. Why? There are many reasons.

  1. Some people think they are not talented enough.
  2. Some say they don’t know how to write a book.
  3. Some people feel it will take too much time.
  4. Some people think it will cost too much money.

Here's the deal, none of those things have to be true…unless you want them to be your excuse!

5 Steps to Getting Your Book Published in 30 Days or Less is a step-by-step coaching program led by two published authors and entrepreneurs who coach people on their business.

This program will show you:

  • How to self-publish your own book
  • Why it’s important to have a book in this day and age in business
  • Where to get the “low priced” support and resources you need to put the book together such as:
    • Editors
    • Proofreaders
    • Cover designers
    • Inside book layout people
    • Inexpensive print-on-demand services
    • Book templates
  • How to get your book on Amazon, Kindle and more online avenues
  • How to be an Amazon bestseller
  • How to market your book
  • How to drive people from your book to your other programs, products, and services for bigger paying clients

Here's what you get for your very reasonable investment of $297

  • 5 - 90 Minute recorded Training Calls with past participants that go their books published. Hear all of the questions and answers and download the "how-to" content to get started.
  • Complete Quick & Easy Publication Guide - includes 4 modules of step-by-step business set up, marketing, systems, and outsourcing plus templates and people or resources on where to get which parts of the book done from whom. It also includes weekly exercises to do in between calls to stay on track and a list of resources for everything you need.
  • Private Facebook Community - where Rich and Katrina will be helping to answer feedback and give advice plus other members could provide helpful feedback and mastermind too.

 Why Listen to Us?

We’ve both been working with business owners and executives for a number of years and we’re both published authors many times over … plus we’re extremely sick and tired of people getting sold really expensive training programs on how to get your book published and we want to give you the real scoop on how to do this quick, easy and cheap. Plain and simple. 

 Some of Our Authors 

 More About Katrina Sawa

My name is Katrina Sawa, I’m known as the Jumpstart Your Biz Coach and I’ve been in business since 2002. I started out as a local Marketing Consultant for the greater Sacramento, CA area. I had NO idea when I first started that I could get clients all over the world much less charge what I’m charging today for my expertise.

It wasn’t even on my radar either to become a published author. After all, I thought, “who the heck am I”?

But that all changed when I invested in some mentoring for myself to help me grow my business one year. And what I learned about what was truly possible for me to create, have and do was absolutely jaw-dropping for me at first. I couldn’t believe that I was hearing what I was hearing when other entrepreneurs at events that I attended early on were saying they were making. Holy cow! I quickly invested in training and changed my whole entire business model after seeing “proof” of what was possible.

That all led me to develop and create many different things in my business from online training, webinars, group courses, live events, mastermind of my own as well as 4 books! I have 3 compilation books (which are books with multiple authors) ranging from a $97 investment to a $2500 investment. Then I finally wrote my own book, more of my story, called Love Yourself Successful in 2012. That was a huge investment of time and money, to the tune of $6,000 just to get the book published and printed.

(This is the pic of me opening the first box of my own books when I was at a conference in Dallas, I had them shipped there because I was so excited.)

It’s taken me this long to get up the desire to do it again…. But this time I know a LOT about book publishing and have hundreds of published author friends and peers. Plus, there are so many more do-it-yourself type outlets online these days too, I’m ready to publish more books now but for a lot less upfront cost. And that’s what we want to do for you too… is show you things you may not know yet about the publishing world so you can have your own book but NOT have to invest so much in order to get it out.

Now I’m living proof of all of this really does flow together to create a consistent, moneymaking business doing what you love! This is what I coach other entrepreneurs to do is build a business that you love while enjoying your happiest life ever with more LOVE and more MONEY! You can find out all about me on my website at www.JumpstartYourMarketing.com.

So, come write a book with Rich and I this year and see your dreams start to take off!

More About Dr. Richard B. Greene, DBA

My name is Rich Greene and I'm known as "The IronMind Sales & Business Coach." After more than 30 years as a corporate sales executive across many different industries, I began coaching business professionals to help them attain very high levels of performance in their professional lives. 

As a researcher in the field of human potential, I've studied success factors of those that are the top in their industries and developed systems that professionals use to create unparalleled success in their careers and in their personal lives. My experiences as an executive, entrepreneur, and an Ironman triathlete led me to develop a very effective business coaching program called The IronMind

What is an IronMind? The Ironman triathlete represents an elite group of athletes. Only 1/100th of 1% of the population has completed this 140.6-mile race. Skills and talent are important to obtaining success in anything you might do in life. But those elements alone don't guarantee success. The added ingredient that creates increases your success level is having the right mindset; an IronMan Mind.         

This mindset is so powerful that it enabled athletes to face extreme challenges and succeed where most other people would fail. The best part is that anyone can use these same mindset principles to create unstoppable success in their business and personal lives.

The Ironman triathlete has a very strong self-identity which sets them apart from the rest of the pack. In a way, it is their brand. Business leaders who stand out from the pack, the elite, the cream of the crop, also have a very strong image and brand. This is one of the many areas that I help business professionals to develop.

At the top of the list of things that they could do to develop their own brand is to become an author and publish a book. Becoming a published author has enabled me to get some many opportunities to speak, coach, and be recognized as an expert in the field of high-performance training for business professionals. You can do this too!

You heard from my partner Katrina that many people take years and spend thousands of dollars to get published and build their brand. Through quite a bit of research and trial and error I've discovered, it doesn't have to be difficult or expensive! You don't even need to be an accomplished writer to get started.

If you want to take advantage of the #1 tool successful business people use to build their brand, their business, and increase their success, 5 Steps to Publish Your Book in 30 Days or Less is the program for you! Go ahead and click on the link to grab the program and you too can have the #1 tool to set yourself apart from the pack!

To find out more about my business performance coaching programs visit www.IronManMind.com.


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