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“Over the years, I have seen them all, and Rich Greene is one of the very best with his unique IronMan Mindset approach to achieving success. Rich distills a lifetime of sales experience coupled with the unique mindset that is required to compete in extreme endurance sports into 10 critical elements required for success. If you use them I will guarantee that you, too, will reach your goals. Put this book on your must-read list if you want to learn successful strategies for taking your sales or management teams to the next level.” ~ Scott Homes, Chief People Officer, Smart Wires Inc.

“Fantastic, real-world tools for not only a new salesperson looking to learn but also a seasoned rep like myself. Having been in sales for 27 years, it always amazes me that there is something new to learn. Specifically around the changing landscape that is steeped in social media and new marketing and branding opportunities. Rich has nailed the tried and true fundamentals of selling along with capturing what it takes to sell in today’s fast-moving environment. I will be recommending this book to all of my colleagues.” ~ David Duane, Sales Director, Ultimate Software

“Reading this book opened my eyes to the world of sales like never before! We really are all in sales and the communications strategies can help anyone in business. Easy to read, well written, and laid out so you can pick out and use the ideas easily and to spur your own ideas.” ~ Andrew Smith, Esq., MBA, APM, Executive Director, John Maxwell Team, Accredited Professional Mediator, Ombudsman

"Every sales professional and sales leader should carry this book with them in their briefcase, car, or suitcase.  This is your one-stop guide whether you're starting a sales career, needing to get back on track, leading others, and perhaps most importantly, maintaining long-term consistency in sales.  Read it and revisit it often!" ~ Paul Romm, Director of Sales, TriNet

You might be wondering...

Why am I giving this book away? I personally have gained so much in life from being able to learn new knowledge from books. I love books and I want everyone to benefit as I have.

I also worked for decades to learn the most effective sales techniques combined with the right mindset to achieve business success. And, along the way, I've gotten help from many people.

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Rich Greene 

About Rich Greene

Dr. Greene’s experience spans more than 30 years as a corporate sales executive across many different industries. He’s an author, a business coach, and entrepreneur, a 7-time Ironman triathlete, and an ultra-distance competitive ocean swimmer. His sales acceleration training system has been highlighted on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and many other outlets. 

Dr. Greene has been a featured speaker and worked with companies like Oracle, JP Morgan Chase, Hewlett Packard, Cisco, Coca-Cola, Nestle Foods, The Mayo Clinic, and has coached 1:1 with many of their executives.

As a researcher in the field of human potential and University Business Professor, he’s studied success factors of those that are the top in their industries, and developed systems that professionals use to create unparalleled success in their careers and in their lives. His biggest breakthrough in discovering “the success formula” came from his work as a Masters Swim Coach, training triathletes to prepare for their races. He discovered that these athletes had a unique way of thinking about success and their mindset was so powerful that it enabled them to face extreme challenges, and succeed where most other people would fail.

Dr. Greene was able to capture this unique mind ability and incorporated it into an elite executive training program called The IronMind. Applied properly, IronMind techniques can transform your mind into a powerful tool that combined with the right skill sets, can make your success in business or your personal life unstoppable.

Rich resides in Sacramento, California with his amazing wife and two daughters.

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