SPECIAL REPORT: The Secret Strategies of Peak Performers

What is a Peak Performer?

"A Peak Performer is an individual who strives for self-improvement in every facet of their life, who is recognized for maintaining high productivity levels, and who ultimately performs above and beyond self-set expectations."

Hello!  My name is Rich Greene. I've spent more than 25 years as a corporate executive and entrepreneur.  Like many of you, I've worked hard all my life to learn and grow to achieve and experience some of the finer things life has to offer.

First off, I want to congratulate you for visiting this page. Because you are here, I suspect you might be looking for something more out of life. Maybe you want more money, greater freedom with your time, great vacations, or just a satisfying work environment.  Maybe all those things and a whole lot more!  It doesn't matter if this is the first step in your journey or one of many stops along a well-traveled road. Regardless of which it is, I'm going to share with you some key strategies that Peak Performers use, that will help you in your quest.

I believe wealth, success, health, and happiness are gifts that can be available to anyone. The problem is that most people are using techniques that have been passed down that might have worked in the past but don’t work today. You need to have a focused approach to obtaining Peak Performance in your life.

The Path to Peak Performance
Most people think that a good education, hard work, and a little luck are the key ingredients to obtaining the rewards of becoming a Peak Performer. Indeed, those are important ingredients. But, those things alone are not a guarantee of success and happiness.

For many people that have achieved high levels of success, the road was not an easy one. Typically, they had lots of mis-starts and non-successes along the way. Sometimes, it literally took them decades to get to where they wanted to be.

You can do what these people do and slug away at it. Hopefully, you'll get where you want to be. But, what if 10, 15, or 20 years from now, you're not where you want to be? That time is lost and you'll never get it back.

There are no guarantees in life but if you had a choice, wouldn't you want to stack the deck in your favor? Well, you do have that choice, and the best way to increase your chances of winning in life is to get the right information.

Millions have learned the success formula and applied it in their life. You can too!

I've written a special report called The Secret Strategies of Peak Performers. This report will give you several super-powerful strategies you can use immediately to develop your Peak Performance skills.

Go ahead and grab a copy of it and start achieving greater success today!

About Richard B. Greene
The IronMan Business Coach
Rich Greene’s experience spans more than 30 years as a corporate sales executive across many different industries. He’s an author, a business coach, and entrepreneur. Over the course of his career, he’s had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s brightest minds in business and commerce. 

As a researcher into the field of human potential, he’s studied success factors of those that are the top-ranked in their industries and developed systems that professionals use to create unparalleled success in their careers and in their lives. Rich is an advocate for the application of “process” to achieve super productivity. But, the best plan is not a guarantee of success. Rich observed that having talent and skills also did not guarantee success. The missing ingredient is a mindset that is creative, powerful, and unstoppable. 

After years of research working with Ironman triathletes to understand this special mind power, Dr. Greene has captured this unique mind ability and incorporated it into an elite executive training program called the IronMan Mind. Applied properly, the IronMan Mind™ techniques can transform your mind into a powerful tool that combined with the right skill sets, can make your success unstoppable. 

Dr. Greene is the founder of Amplifier LLC, a business coaching and consulting company located in Sacramento, California. He works with executives in the U.S. and internationally and is also an active Ironman triathlon competitor and ultra-distance open water swimmer.

You can find out more about Rich Greene and IronMan Mind Coaching at



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