IronMan Mind Business Sales 2-Day Summit

Learn The Same Winning Formula That Ironman Triathletes Use To Create Unstoppable Sales Success

The real difference between winning or losing in sales and business is you. Sure, product, service, price, and company reputation are all important. But, at the end of the day, the customer is buying “you.” Not those other things.

Increasing your knowledge and skills are a key component for increasing your success. But skills and talent alone ARE NOT enough. The secret to “sales success” is not complete unless it contains a focus on both mindset and skills. With a focus on both of these things, your chances for sales success increase exponentially! In this seminar, you learn powerful sales techniques combined with the winning mindset of the Ironman Triathlete. You'll learn the IronMan Sales Formula.

In this 2-day seminar, 5-time Ironman Triathlete and 30-year sales executive, Dr. Richard Greene lays out a winning formula that any sales professional or business owner can follow to significantly increase sales revenues and profits. Using a unique combination of winning mindset (The IronMan Mind) and proven sales techniques. This book will show you how to:

  • Increase your personal or business sales by 30% - 40%.

  • Establish yourself as the expert in any industry.

  • Improve daily sales productivity by 8 - 10 times or more.

  • Understand your unique talents and know how to apply them to achieve the things you want in life.
    Embrace change and make it work for you as opposed to against you. changes.

  • Apply the Law of Incrementalism to accomplish more in the next year than you have in the last 5 or 10 years. 

  • Create a laser-like focus that will enable you to be unstoppable in anything you do.

  • Understand how to attain balance so that your business, personal, and spiritual lives are in sync.
    Tap into the power of benevolence to create greater satisfaction in your life.

Bonus Time Savers Training for the first 25 People to Sign Up.

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