The IronMind: Stories of Transformation and Inspiration

What do you do when all of the odds are against you? Most people give up. They quit. Not the Ironman triathlete! The Ironman triathlete has a different mindset. One that allows them to bravely face any challenge with optimism and determination.

The IronMind: Stories of Transformation and Inspiration is filled with stories from real live Ironman triathletes that will give you hope, inspiration, and the motivation to be something larger than yourself. The authors of this book join the ranks of the elite Ironman triathlete to tell their special story of life challenges, triumphs, and the incredible accomplishment of completing the world's toughest race; The Ironman.

The Ironman is comprised of three sports swimming, biking, and running. The competitor starts that race by completing a 2.4-mile open water swim, followed by a 112-mile bike ride. Once those two legs of the triathlon are complete they run a marathon (26.2-miles). This race is so difficult that only 1/100th of 1% of the population has completed it.

Many "Finishers" of this race report that their experience of overcoming this difficult physical, mental, and always very painful challenges enable them to carry their success-oriented mindset into all other parts of their lives. In this book, you'll hear their stories, sometimes sad, sometimes amazing, and always triumphant. You'll learn how they overcame great odds to cross the finish line and forever achieve the rank of Ironman.


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