The IronMan Mind Book of Quotes: Inspirational Quotes for Winners (Paperback)

What is The IronMan Mind?

“An IronMan Mind is a human mind that is so powerful that the person who possesses it can achieve extraordinary results in their personal, vocational, and spiritual lives. Those people at the top of their fields are often found to contain the key elements of this unstoppable mind. The Ironman Mind was named after athletes who successfully complete the 140.6-mile triathlon called the Ironman. The IronMan Mind contains ten elements that combine to create powerful skills and abilities that allow individuals to conquer extraordinary challenges.”

It doesn’t matter what field or vocation you are engaged in life. If you want to be outstanding and unstoppable, you’ll focus on the ten elements described in this book. Each element has a definition and each element is supported by quotes from people that possess this unstoppable mind. These are individuals that respected and recognized as having contributed something outstanding to society.

Enjoy…become inspired…and create your own unstoppable success!

Rich Greene

The IronMan Mind Book of Quotes (Paperback) PLUS Bonus

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