Is This Meeting Really Necessary?

In offices and boardrooms all over the world you can hear the groans...another meeting?! It doesn't matter if the company is large or small; many people would agree that on a whole, most business meetings are not productive. In fact, they suck!

There's nothing more wasteful than having a meeting just because you had it scheduled, or because it’s an excuse to get together and socialize. If it's the latter, call it what it is and don't hold a meeting. Schedule a get together, lunch, or some social function after business hours.

Business meetings are not social functions. They are serious "business" functions. When you treat meetings in a lackadaisical manner, so will everyone else. You might as well serve drinks and hors d'oeuvres!

Don't just have a meeting for the sake of meeting. Some companies have a standing weekly or monthly meeting just because they think they must do it. This is often based on either some cultural aspect of group interaction or possibly even an issue of...

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