Hurry Up and Slow Down

goals Jan 07, 2020

The title of this article should probably be called The Importance of Planning. However, the title is more descriptive of what actually happens when someone engages in a project. Sadly, oftentimes, very little planning occurs. People are usually so anxious to get going that they dive right in with no regard to where they want to end up!

Everyone knows that if you want to be an accomplished person, or as I like to call them, a Peak Performer, you need to set goals and make a plan. Most people are pretty good at deciding they want to do something and they call that a goal. But, unfortunately, a goal without a plan is nothing more than a wish. I’ve written a lot about time management and goal setting and when it comes down to it, there is just no replacement for good planning.

I know of a software company whose chief architect has verbally stated his plan for a big version upgrade. This would be the mother of all upgrades and everyone would want it. Or, so he...

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