Using The Law of Incrementalism for Attainment of Big, Huge, Gigantic Goals

productivity Jun 25, 2019

Did you know that 92% of the people that set goals on New Year's fail to achieve their goals? It's a really high number. In fact, after 30 days, of the group of people that set goals, only 25% of them are still working on the goals. What happened?

Well, typically they run into a difficult moment or they have a disappointment or a setback and they quit. They don't move forward. This is usually what the case is.

Now, do they fail because they're lazy? No. Do they fail because their goal is too big? No, probably not. In fact, I think it's good to set big goals. Big goals are attainable. I encourage you to set big goals.

The more likely reason they failed is they didn't understand the formula, the success formula, for achieving big goals. I'm going to reveal to you, the secret formula that you can use to achieve all your goals and to achieve all your dreams and desires. 

Now, here's the secret. It's something I call the law of incrementalism. And when I share this with you, you're going to go, "Wow. This is so easy. I can do this."

The law of incrementalism goes something like this. If you've got a big goal, big, big, giant goal, you break it down into tiny, little pieces and then you work on one of those small pieces. You work on one of those small pieces a little bit every single day until that piece is done and then you move on to the next piece. A little bit every single day until that piece is done and then you move on to the next piece. The secret is every single day just do a little something.

That's the power of incrementalism.

Now, if you chose, instead, to select one day of the week that you were going to work on everything and not do anything else those other days, here's what often happens. Let's say I chose Friday as my day to get everything done and then something came up. An emergency occurred and pulled me away and I wasn't able to do any work on the tasks towards attaining my goal. I missed the entire week.

But, if I'd done a little bit every single day and I missed today, no big deal, right? Because I just missed a little piece.

That's the power of incrementalism.

If you do that and you try that and you apply that to your life, I think you're going to find yourself much more productive, you're going to find yourself achieving big, big goals, and you're going to find that those big dreams that you have are becoming a reality.

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